Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Your Friend Suddenly Becomes Your Boss

Up until now I still have this weird feeling about the fact that now I have to report to my friend, even though it has been almost 5 months since she got promoted. Just a little feedback about her. She started in our company about a year in a half ago. She has outgoing and bubbly personality, always in this "ra ra" mood which sometimes I find it a little annoying. She's also very brown-noser, which she actually admit it herself. I wasn't really surprised when I found out she got promoted because of all her "efforts" that I mentioned earlier. However, I don't think our big boss promoted her so that she can help making decision as most supervisors normally do. Her position was created so that our big boss doesn't have to deal with keeping track of vacation, calling off sick, and dealing with all little things like that. Her lacking of experience in our department and inability to make important decision have become very visible among ourselves. Meanwhile, our big boss is too busy with gazillion things on her plate. I remember one time she and I had a conference call in regards to a project I was dealing with, and all she did was making a little comments such as "Yes, I think it's a great idea" or "I agree" or "Yes I think we should do that". I'm not going to lie that I was extremely annoyed by that. I really don't need a cheerleader in this meeting; I need someone who can contribute ideas.

Anyway, instead of ranting and complaining about the whole situation, I decided to look at this in a positive way. Do I really want to be in her shoes? Somebody has to take all the craps that the big boss is putting us through, from "Dr. Jackly and Mrs Hyde" mood swings to everything we do is always wrong. And it ain't gonna be me!!! What's the point of being upset or jealous if I know I don't ever want to be in her position. It's very clear that our big boss just want her to do the work she doesn't want to do. I will keep involving our big boss in all business decision and let my friend (or should I call her my supervisor?) deals with the simple stuffs I know she can handle.

Anybody has ever been in my position? or her position? It would be interesting to know different side of stories.

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