Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's in your bag?

I think it's fun to compare what's in each women's bag. Somehow I think the bag represent personality. I have a medium size bag and in it I have:

  • A check book. No one use check anymore, but somehow I always carry it with me. You'll never know when you'll need it.
  • Lipgloss
  • Wallet
  • A coupon book organizer
  • Keys
  • Bluetooth
  • Blackberry cellphone
  • Mint
  • Measurement tape (I know what y'all think, but I'm originally from Indonesia and we use metrics).
  • Pen
  • Corporate Badge

So what does my bag say about my personality? I think it shows that I'm very practical, a typical busy mom who don't care about make ups. So... what's in your bag???


Clara Juana said...

Hai Vimala.

Apa kabar? Aku nemuin blog kamu sewaktu sedang nyari suamimu, Bill. Hehehe...

Aku Clara. Temanmu dulu di Mudika di Columbus. And 'roommate' nya Bill dulu.

Anyway, senang ketemu di blog.
Aku nggak rajin nulis blog.

Alamatku di:

Nice meeting to you again. Salam hangat buat Bill ya.

ps. Oiya, baby boy nya cute. Anakku dua, all girls.

Jen said...

In my bag I have 4 diapers, 2 of them size 4 and 2 of them size 5. I also have wipees, snacks, sippy cups, a water bottle, a pen and notebook, my wallet and some lipgloss. Ha ha it's a big bag.

~Mother of two toddlers


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